love vs. war

topic posted Sun, October 15, 2006 - 12:02 AM by  Andre
I apologize for politicyzing this tribe ...
but there are times ... and I feel so much that these times are NOW ... that we need to decide:
do we stand for love or for war:

I'm very confident that I run into open doors (so to speak), but I want to make sure that all what we need in order to find the way to our hearts is:


Nothing more, nothing less ... trust your heart, when you have to make decisions - regardless which kind of desisions these are ... only with your heart you see the truth (Saint Exupery) ...

If you want to go a step further, then visit the site

and make a change ...

that is in accordance with your heart ...

LOVE is the answer ...

Bless you!

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    Tue, October 17, 2006 - 4:37 PM
    There is no much difference in both for most of us. We all are looking for gain.What I convey here is a general perception.When we stop expecting and stop being demanding and being content.There is no love and war. I read one beautiful saying .

    "One does not fall in
    love or fall out but one grows in love."

    If you can understand this then there is no war or love [one which are obssessed with or which is seasonal or even momentary or opportunist]

    One who loves never expects and never hesitates to give more irrespective of outcome.
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    Tue, October 17, 2006 - 5:44 PM
    Andre, I appreciate the intention behind this("do we stand for love or for war?"), but perhaps it is time to dig a little deeper than 'red and blue'?

    Here is some perspective from an early blog post:
    By way of deception shall you make war ~or~ None Of The Above!

    I find it fitting that blue and red are the colors of blood and this goes along with an analogy that is made in the post.

    Love vs. War is still WAR.


    WAR: Willfull Arrogance Rationalized
    RAW: Reality Awareness Wisdom

    In the rawness of this Heart nothing is at it seems, all is the Unknown, is Self and unseparate. There is the willingness to continually question and see what really resonates with Heart that is unconcerned with 'us and them', the mental fixation of mind/intellect. This comes to Love that sees through the attempts at deception and division.

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    Hug a Republican Day

    Wed, October 18, 2006 - 1:58 AM

    I was just talking about this subject (the underlying one) with an artist whose work I just bought, apparently her boyfriend and friends are fans of Zizek.

    I told my friend the following:

    Yes, we do need arguments that are inclusive of others and not isolationist or accusatory. Zizek said he found it funny that liberals would support women, blacks, and multiculturalism but not all classes (rich vs. poor) as having an inherent equality. What he meant by that of course is that we cannot prejudice against anyone at any level if we are to truly include all. Cornel West said that we do not have a democracy that is exclusive of any one person/ethnicity as he was implying with the disrespect of Blacks.

    So, that's the beauty of Zizek. I just finished his The Parallax View today. In conclusion of the book, he said "We should not fully engage ourselves in the capitalist game, but play the game with an inner distance." He says that it is our desire that enslaves us, the craving for material things and all we have to do is rid ourselves of the false notion of substantialist reality, or by renouncing desire itself and adopt an inner peace and distance if we are to subvert the dominate paradigm.

    I say your love potion number 9 goes even deeper than this.

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      Thu, October 19, 2006 - 7:11 PM
      I think my post seemed to suggest that I say "buy blue" just because I referred to that site.

      This is only partially true - this site doesn't just show which company is spending money to which party (in particular it is in no way restriced to companies that donour democrats). WHat it mainly does is:
      "Stop supporting companies that don't support your values.
      Reward companies that have a triple bottom line:
      People, Planet and Profit."

      This includes company ratings for Environment, Corporate and Social Responsibility, Employment Equality, Labor & Human Rights ...
      E.g. in the list "the bluest companies"

      you will see "Trader Joe's". But Trader Joe's doesn't make any donations at all ...

      My post was not thought to accuse anybody of anything. Everybody can use the provided information as she/he wishes.

      I don't fight anything, or FOR anything, also not for love (that would be war indeed) ... but if I do things, that I need to do anyway, I'd prefer to do them in a way that is "in sync" with my heart.

      That's all I wanted to say with my original post.
      Sorry for the confusion.

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